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2MM Sterling Silver Box Chain

2MM Sterling Silver Box Chain

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In addition to being timeless and elegant, the Box chain is also one of our strongest chains and maintains a clean aesthetic.

2MM Sterling Silver Box Chain


16"- 9.3 Grams

18"- 10 Grams

20"- 11.2 Grams

22"- 12.3 Grams

24"- 13 Grams

*All weights are approximate and can vary +/- .5 grams.


IMBUED Jewelry are crafted from 925 sterling silver that is pure. Jewelry Made of 925 sterling silver are highly durable due to the base metals used. It is one of the most durable metals and won't easily scratch or dent. Due to its small weight, it is a great option for regular wear without doing much harm.

Care Instructions

Maintaining: Wearing sterling silver jewelry is one of the greatest methods to keep it from deteriorating. The oils on your skin can aid in keeping the jewelry clean and preserving its radiance.
Cleaning: Making a paste using water and baking soda for cleaning. To polish the silver, use a clean cloth to wipe after

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