✧Let's Find Your Right Size!✧

There are many factors that determine how a chain would look on you. Let's explore the many sizes of chains, bracelets and much more.

Chain Length

Model is 5' 8", 145lbs.

Several variables, like the type of necklace and whether it is a women's or men's style, can affect the length of a necklace. Men's necklaces normally measure 20 to 26 inches in length, while women's chain necklaces are typically 16 to 18 inches long.

Chain Width

In terms of width, most men’s chain necklaces are in the range of 2mm to 10mm, while women's chain necklaces range from 0.5-2mm. Chain size is all about preference and style. Rounded designs like the rope chain tend to heavier and bigger than for example, a Figaro chain, which is a flat design.

How to measure your chain size

First, identify the point where the ends of a ribbon meet by wrapping it around the base of your neck. Next, measure the ribbon's approximate neck size against a yardstick or ruler.

It's a good idea to choose a necklace size that is at least one size larger than your neck size once a measurement has been taken. If your neck is 18 inches, for instance, you should probably go with a chain length of 20 inches or longer. A chain of 18 inches would be too little. When deciding on length, keep the type of necklace in mind as well. How flat is the necklace? Is there a large pendant hanging there? Both of these factors have an impact on how a chain hangs.

Bracelet Size

Model is 5' 9", 170lbs. With a 17.71cm Wrist

Wrist Measurements (cm)

17.8-19.1                                  Size 7 Bracelet

20.3-21.6                                  Size 8 Bracelet 

21.6-22.9                                  Size 9 Bracelet